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I absolutely love to paint. Ever since I was young, I enjoyed drawing and painting with my parents. They would always give me tips and new things to try. Eventually that grew to me drawing my favorite athletes in high school. I then pursued a degree in Art Education at the University of Minnesota - Duluth!I got my degree and I was later hired by Saint Thomas Academy to teach their digital arts program. After a few years of that I switched gears and started working as a Creative Manager, running social media accounts, graphic design, photography, small and large scale campus renovations, etc... 

If I'm not working I'm usually thinking about new projects and paintings I can work on. It is a constant desire to create something new and experiment. 

I also, recently got married to the love of my life, Danielle, this past September! She'll be a great travel partner during my summer art fair travels!

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Meet the Artist: Image
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